Top trading tools for betting exchanges


If you are interested in using trading tool for betting exchange, then you have already reached a level where you want either to make an automated system which will make money on it's own or use the speed and analysis of trading tool to boost your manual trading profits. There are many available tools built by traders and companies interested in betting niche. In this article we will present you top 3 trading tools for betting exchanges.


1. Geeks Toy


geeks toy review


Geeks toy is the most accepted tool thanks to its proven reliability and compatibility with 3 out of 4 betting exchanges. You can use this tool with your Betfair, Betdaq or Matchbook account and this is the main reason why it is our number 1 choice. This tool is really easy to use, it has great tools and additional features built in. This is one of the best tools ever built and one of the most reliable with great performance. You can apply automated system as well as trade odds in real time. All this comes with a reasonable price with option to buy a life-time license. It has a 30 day free trial period where you can test all of its features.



2. Gruss Software


gruss software review


Gruss software is our second choice due to compatibility with 2 betting exchanges (Betfair and Betdaq), but also for its easy of use and fantastic performance. This is the tool with best time needed to perform an action. It is the ultimate tool for dog and horse trading. Gruss software is also one of the most reliable tools built in very early days of betting exchange trading. If also has a 30 days trial period where you can test all features of their betting assistant.



3. Bet Angel


bet angel review


Bet Angel is only Betfair trading tool. Bet Angel its the oldest of 3 mentioned tools being first released in 2005. It has been built by the famous Betfair exchange trader and due to that fact best adopted to needs of Betfair traders. It is a tool that has 2 versions. Bet Angel Professional comes with a price, but vast number of trading tools where you can execute automated trading tactics as well as well calculated manual trading. It looks more of a stock exchange platform than the other 2 tools with more analytical data. You can test it with 24 hours access for only 99 pennies.





You can't go wrong using any of these tools, so choose the one that fits you the best. This is made easier with free or low cost trial periods. Other trading tools can somewhat compare in several fields to top 3 we mentioned, but aren't that well known or reliable. Using these tools guarantees best results. We wish you good luck in implementing you favorite trading strategies. If you like our short article, take a look at other content we have.

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