Sports Betting advice for beginners


In the following article, we will try to explain sports betting basics that everyone should know before making a first bet. This will help you better understand what are you betting on and in which case you will make more profits. We also include several important tips and advice that will help you make a healthy start in the world of betting. Using our sports betting advice for beginners will produce better results in betting.


Choose your bookmaker carefully


The most important thing you should do before you commit to sports betting is to choose the bookmaker you will bet at. Now, most of you have already placed some bets in local betting shop or some random online bookmaker you heard of. This is not the best choice out of several reasons.


First of all, not all bookmakers are the same in terms of odds quality. While your bookmaker can have odds 2 on Real to beat Barca, there probably is a bookmaker (or a betting exchange) that will offer you odds 2.2 or 2.3 on the same outcome. This means that this bookmaker will give you 10-15 % more on winnings. Multiply this with the number of times you will place a bet on some bookmaker and you will realize how big is the difference in money you receive. Imagine now that you place a 10 fold bet – a bet with 10 selections or matches. When you multiply all the odds from a bookmaker with higher odds and compare to your old bookmaker, you will realize that your old bookmaker ripped you off nicely. Just for having 0.1 or 0.2 odds lower than the competition.


Second important thing about the choice of a bookmaker is how wide or big is the coverage of sports and markets. If you are American football fan from Tunisia and want to bet on specific alternative points spread on NCAAF (college league), you probably won't be able to in your local bookmaker. But on some bookmaker known for having an excellent coverage you would be able to. You can bet only on things your local bookmaker is confident of.


Now, there are some bookmakers known for having a huge selection of odds and some other bookmakers known for having the best odds in the world. But unfortunately, there isn't a bookmaker having absolutely the best of both. Some got better coverage in live, some in pre-match, some have great odds in American sports, but bad odds in Tunisian 1st division etc. The key is to find the one or a couple of them that will satisfy all your betting needs. Find out which bookmakers fit you the best from our reviews section.


Another thing you will have to pay attention to is the fact that ALL bookmakers will love you while you are losing your money and only some of them will still tolerate you winning any money. In previously mentioned reviews section, we took into consideration and review only the fair ones. The ones who are scamming their customers will never appear on our website.



 Types of bets


There are several types of bets that can be made on your betslip. While most of you will stick to 10-15 folds multiples just like I did some 15-20 years ago, you can also place on singles or combinations. Here you have to understand why and how bookmakers make money to better understand what type of bets is better to place.


All bookmakers (except betting exchanges) apply a margin to every odd they offer. If it is a 2-way market like over/under of 2.5 goals with a 50-50 percent of chance to be over or under, odds on 100% return would be 2 on over and 2 on under. This means that in the long run no bookmaker would make money on these odds as all money would eventually be returned to players.


What they do? They will offer you 1.85-1.85 odds, which in the long run ensure that bookmakers make 8% out of these odds. In general, bookmakers aren't the devils of this world, they don't want you to lose all the money you have. Instead, they are satisfied with 8% of every bet in the long run. This means that it is possible to win some money on betting, but it is not easy to keep winning in the long run.


Back to the odds. So, when bookmakers apply their margin to every odd they publish, and you place 20 matches on 1 betslip, there is a cumulative effect, for you and also for bookmakers. When you stake 5 EUR or any other currency and play 20 matches on 1 betslip, you might have potential winnings of 10 000 EUR. But, bookmakers have margin on that betslip that is much higher than on single, it is 8+8+6+6+7+8+8+6+7+10% etc. Every match you add, adds up to their margin. This is the reason why you will never win in the long run placing very low stakes on many matches in 1 betslip. Almost every time at least 1 of them fails to win, right? Now, I know this might sound discouraging, but there is a solution on how to significantly improve your winnings.


All you have to start winning at bookmakers is not some crazy system you found out from some scammer on Facebook or similar. Not even 1 of these systems works in the long run. If they were working, people who work in this industry would ban this straight away. Trust me, they (we) are not stupid, we all finished mathematics related or similar colleges and we are all great analysts with tons of information you will never have access to.


To win more and more often you have to play much less matches on your betslip. I understand that your starting bank is small, and you would love to win big money straight away, but this certainly is not the way you will win on sports betting in the long run. If you don't believe me, stop reading this article and see for yourself. Later come back and continue reading what we are telling you.


You don't have to place single bets with 100 EUR each, although this would be a much better way to bet. It is enough if you place 3-5 matches on one betslip that you think will win and just watch your win/lose ratio improve drastically. Be sure to avoid any type of combination bets, because they will give you the same result in the long run like betting on 15-20 folds accumulators.


Types of Markets


We will not advice you in this article what match exactly to bet on. These kind of betting tips you can find on our home page. What we will advice you though, is what type of markets to place your bet on.


If you want to place on market over 2.5 goals + 1 (home to win), think twice. First of all this is a minor market considered by bookmakers, second this market is a 6 way market. Meaning there are 6 different possible outcomes. Both of these thing mean that bookmakers will give you much lower odds on this market. Just see for your self, multiply on any match over 2.5 and odds for 1 (home team) to win and compare with this market where this odds are combined in 1 odd.


Bookmakers also have to be very precise about their odds, meaning that they will rarely give you any chance to win in the long run. About previously mentioned market, most bookmakers offer this market with odds on 116-120% =, which means that they take up to 20% in the long run on them. You keep placing on those odds and you will witness your money disappearing in front of your eyes. On the other hand, there are markets to bet on which give much bigger return to player. Those are 2-way markets like over/under, asian handicap, match bet 2-way (moneyline) in basketball, tennis, ice hockey and similar. These markets have usually odds with 2-8% margin, giving you much more chance to win.


Bookmakers are usually very confident of their odds in these markets and give more chance for someone to win. Once again, if you play by the rules and win sometimes on betting, bookmakers will understand this and will not try to make you lose all your money. Their goal is not to take your money straight away, but also give you some winnings so you bet long time with them as they are sure that you will lose in the long run.




The size of your bank or the money you have for betting is what it is. It is much better to try slowly build up your bank then to try win huge amount straight away. But, it is much easier to bet when you have saved up some money just for betting and not start with 5 or 10 EUR or similar. If you have a couple of hundreds to bet, and have understood all previous advice we gave you, then listen to the last one we have for your healthy new start in sports betting.


How to manage your bankroll:


  1. Never bet whole amount of your bankroll on 1 betslip, not even over 50% of what you have

  2. Always think twice on what are you betting – don't bet with your heart, but with your brain

  3. On match you aren't so sure that will win place smaller amounts, on matches you are certain about - be brave and place higher amounts – this is called money management and it's this simple, but some people like to make science out of anything

  4. Believe us that after this many years of betting and working in the industry, the only system that will make you win money that is actually working is to pick more winners than losers over time – this is called value betting, find our more about this in another article we have

  5. Be responsible – disciplined as much as you can. Never bet angry to cover your loses, never risk more money you can afford to lose, don't bet on leagues/matches you don't know anything about, don't follow someone's betting tips without thinking twice and don't bet if you are drunk 🙂


If you listen to most of the advice we gave you, you will make a good and healthy start sports betting. Be sure to take a look at other articles we have prepared for you. We wish you best of luck!

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