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Matchbook betting exchange was established in 2004 and operated under Antigua and Barbuda jurisdiction. US government’s market closing for off-shore betting companies caused a dramatic change for Matchbook as well, as they had to cut off all US members. They began operating in Alderney under new ownership and management in April 2012. UK and Ireland became their main markets. There are only 4 betting exchanges in the world. Matchbook is the one which has the lowest commission rate of them all. It is appealing place to trade odds also due to the fact they offer the best welcome package of them all. See bellow detailed Matchbook review.


Matchbook Restricted Countries, Banking and Security


Here are the countries where Matchbook is licensed to operate: Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, India, Norway, Poland, Spain. Sweden, Ukraine, UK. This means only that they posses physical license in these countries, but doesn't mean that residents of other countries are restricted to play at Matchbook. It is up to player to know betting laws in their country and act responsibly according to them. Only countries where Matchbook is strictly prohibited in are: Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, France and Canada.


matchbook review of payment


As you can see from above, all common payment options are available. Deposits are processed instantly and without fees and Matchbook has very high deposit limits which often depend on limitation of your payment source. Withdrawals are usually free of charge, but they reserve the right to enforce roll-over or charge for the transaction. This only if the commission paid on your betting activity fails to cover the deposit and withdrawal processing costs. Withdrawals have to be approved by their staff so require more time to process than on other betting exchanges. The reason why the have to be approved is mentioned in a sentence before and they actually don't make problems with withdrawals. From our experience, they never questioned the withdrawal amount, but we had to submit all the documents they required prior to the first withdrawal.


Matchbook Sports Betting Bonuses


Before it wasn't usual to have any type of welcome offer on betting exchanges. As the competition between them stiffened, they started offering welcome promotions. Welcome promotions of betting exchanges differ from ones used by bookmakers and usually are connected to their commission. So, on Matchbook betting exchange there is active 500 GBP commission refund promotion – the most welcoming promotion of all betting exchanges. You just have to sign up, deposit via Debit/Credit card and you have qualified for 5 weeks commission free up to 500 GPB.


matchbook review of bonus



Matchbook Review - Exchange


They charge lowest commission from all betting exchanges. It is 1.5% on matching someone's amount (already posted odds) and 0.75% for opening new ones. Good thing for Australian customers is that Matchbook supports AUD and live wagering unlike most other bookies available in their country. The minimum possible bet is as low as 1 cent and the maximum depends on the liquidity of the market. There is no such term as the maximum winnings when we are talking about betting exchanges.


  • Matchbook Pre-match


Pre-match coverage is quite developed. They often have good liquidity on major events and over the years a number of sports traders have switched their betting exchange to Matchbook due to their low commissions. This has as consequence better coverage of sports and markets. Everything is built into a nice web interface and there are special tools developed for trading on Matchbook.


  • Matchbook Live


Minor events often don't reach desired level of liquidity and most of the money is concentrated on major events and main markets. In this department, Matchbook also tries to beat the competition by neck, so you will find slightly better coverage than on most other exchanges.



Matchbook Sportsbook Features


In addition to betting exchange there is Casino. It is the only feature worth of mentioning.


Matchbook Review Conclusion


Matchbook is a good choice of betting exchange due to the fact it offers much lower commission rate than competition has. For sole trading purposes with mid stakes it is a prefect place. For high stakes trading and betting there sometimes isn't enough liability, especially on minor events. We do recommend to give it a try due to amazing welcome offer thanks to which you get the best possible odds on the planet for 5 weeks.





Matchbook Bonus

matchbook review

Amount :       500 GBP

Type :           Discount

Rollover :              n/a

Min.odds :             n/a


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