M88 Review


You maybe didn't know that this Asian bookmaker is the biggest one in the world considering total amount of stakes. Together with another Asian giant SBObet they hold over 50% of betting market globally. M88 (Mansion88) got this title due to enormous stake limits, very high odds and popularity of betting in Asia, where betting is considered to be a part of tradition. This bookmaker is built for professional bettors and other “big cats”. This is the place where 1 million stake (from their agent) is considered as something normal. See bellow a detailed M88 review.


M88 Restricted Countries, Banking and Security


Although on their website says that only residents of following countries are prohibited to bet at M88: Philippines, Taiwan, the United States of America, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Reunion, the newest policy is that they ban accounts from all European countries. It seems that they are open only to Asian customers since 2016 unless you have an agent that places bets in your name. Having said that, we invite our Asian readers to continue reading why M88 is the biggest one in the world and for the rest of you, we recommend reading some other Asian bookmakers reviews.


m88 review of payment methods


Being most popular in China, we present you Chinese currency deposit methods and amounts. M88 doesn't operate only with agents, their website is available also to ordinary bettors, but deposit and stake amounts are then considerably lower. Withdrawals are possible only via Bank transfer. This is out of security reasons to prevent/document possible money laundering, match fixing and similar activity. Considering safety of your funds with M88, you can sleep tight as responsible dealing with punters' money is one of the backbones of their world wide reputation.


M88 Sports Betting Bonuses


Their sports betting welcome bonus is available to residents of China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia. It is a 100% Welcome Bonus up to 100 USD or 400 MYR. Although the amount of bonus is very welcoming, the rollover (15x) is one of the toughest to achieve. More about how to redeem and play your welcome bonus at M88 in our special article.


m88 review of welcome bonus


Besides Welcome Bonus, there is a Cash Back promotion on sports. This promotion is available only to Malaysian customers. It comes in a form of money back to your account when a certain amount is wagered. The bigger total stake is, the better percentage of your Cash Back gets. Despite the fact their core business is sports betting, there aren't any other promotions considering it. On the other hand, there is plenty of tempting promotions on casino games and other products offered by M88.


M88 Review - Sportsbook


Who needs all sort of sportsbook promotions when you have odds like M88 has. They are the best promotion you can ask for and the thing they are most famous for. The fact that the “juice” or margin is reduced to only 2% on major events makes them one of the most desirable bookmakers in the world to place your bets on. The other fact that fascinates about their sportsbook is that M88 odds are used by all other bookmakers in the world as a guide to their odds changes. What ever happens on Asian betting markets with odds, is and must be taken into consideration by European, USA, UK and other bookmakers.


  • M88 Pre-match


The main reason for this is that M88, like other Asian bookmakers has very high betting limits. If you are a guy who is ready to invest a couple of millions on 1 match, then you must know what are you doing. Asians are unlike to European bettors used to have only events of the day and major upcoming events on their sportsbook. This means that their coverage of sports and events can not measure with the rest of the world, but it is not that poor that it would hurt their reputation either.


  • M88 Live


Main things about their live betting are again high betting limits and high odds. They only offer a couple of markets such as Asian handicap, Over/under and match/set/half time/quarter/period lines. Betting on corner markets is also very popular in M88.


M88 Sportsbook Features


From an European perspective, bettors can feel a bit disappointed by the lack of additional features like cash out or live streams. It is their way, a way where sports betting is considered as a part of culture, tradition and not some amusement park. If you want some additional amusement, be sure to try their casino options as they incorporated some of the best casino games into their website.


M88 Review Conclusion


This bookmaker gets the respect it deserves. It is built for making bets, earning money and adding that extra feeling when watching your favorite sports. If you are from Asia, this is one of the best places to put your money where your mouth is. Professional customer service and tidy money transfers will justify the trust you have put in them and amazing odds quality will keep you betting there for a long time.




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