Is Bovada safe?


We have conducted an online research about Bovada's products. We have also been using this site for sports betting purposes for years. In this article we'll present you both our experience and the sum of other people's experience with Bovada. We hope this will answer your question is Bovada safe.



Is Bovada legit? is a website especially developed to be used by USA customers only. It has a valid licence to operate in the USA and has been doing so since 2007. The original site cam from is Bodog. Bodog was a famous online bookmaker in the USA until the change in legislative in 2007. The Bodog split into 2 websites, which operates in Asia and around the world and which is made for USA customers. Bovada provides the same service as Bodog, only handles payments the other way.


Is Bovada safe?


From our own experience of using Bovada for approximatelly 1 decade, we can confirm that Bovada is safe for sports betting as well for casino and poker services. All of our payments (deposits and withdrawals) have been approved and delivered in reasonable time period.


Few other customers had issues with payments as claimed over the internet. Some of them we were able to track down and find out that it was their fault of breaking Terms and Conditions of Bovada. Some of them can not be checked through to find out if their claims are true of false. When dealing with customers that are used to scamming and cheating, it is very hard to believe all of the things they claim. But, considering a relevant factor – the number of complains compared to an average number of complains about other bookmakers, we can conclude that Bovada is safe to place bets.




There are videos that spread over the internet about Bovada's live casino being rigged, but if you check there are videos like this for many other bookmakers. Therefore, we tend to conclude this is something more beloging to conspiracy theory than actual claims.




We recommend Bovada for everyday use as much as any of other top USA bookmakers. With USA gambling laws changing at the moment, we believe not only Bovada, but other US bookmakers as well, will invest extra efforts to prove their customers how safe it is to use their services. Then short articles like this won't be necessary to know the quality and professionalism these guys put into this business.





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