Betting syndicate


What is a betting syndicate? It sounds very professional and mystical doesn't it? Lets see who the ghost really is straight from the start of this article.


Betting syndicates are basically small organizations of good punters luring money from strangers and charging them their intellectual services in a form of % of the profit. Basically they are guys who know a lot about sports, are good in sports betting and willing to share their knowledge for a fair price.


They perform as a mixture of Wall Street brokers and online gang. He difference between them and Wall Street brokers is that they didn't go to school to become a betting syndicate. That doesn't mean that they are not educated. On the contrary, leaders of betting syndicates often have profound knowledge in some fields of mathematics, statistics and/or economy. They use that knowledge in a combination with profound knowledge in sports and sports related information not available to everyone.


When you see some odds dropping on some big match and dropping drastically, that is probably some syndicate placing their bets. They usually place hundreds of thousands or even millions on selected matches days before they take place. Or in case of some exclusive betting information about some team or player. This is where they act as an online gang. They play on normal users accounts on betting exchanges or in bookmakers that accept high stakes bets. The whole operation is done in several minutes or hours and before bookmakers have realized it, they have taken the value on those events. In the next couple of minutes or hours market shifts their way acknowledging the risk they have put bookmakers to and odds change.


Starlizard – The most famous betting syndicate


Betting syndicates are mostly secret organizations. They are secret because bookmakers are very afraid of them and would close any account they can prove to be related to syndicates. They are not secret because they engage in some illegal activity, although there is a certain risk factor of manipulating matches and similar activities.


The most famous betting syndicate is certainly the one run by Tony Bloom. Tony is a PHD in economics, multimillionaire entrepreneur, owner of Brighton FC, professional poker player and who knows what else. His betting syndicate operates legally as a betting consultancy company located in center of London. It's name is Starlizard and feel free to look it up on google.


The reason of it's fame is not just the fact that they are identified and open to public. They are famous for having enormous money turnover. Some say that they move hundreds of millions of GPB every year, some say it is closer to several billions, more than the majority of existing bookmakers can say for themselves.



Lifestyle in a Starlizard company is like in movies with all that money created out of thin air. Their employees, on the other hand, will never go to the public exposing themselves and there isn't a lot of juicy information coming from inside, but it is not a bad life from what we heard from former employee.


How to get into a betting syndicate?


Well, neither of us ever got in a betting syndicate despite being in the industry for years, neither we have tried to. But, the most effective way would be to gather all the resources you have, all good punters you know and start your own syndicate like any other company. Some betting consultancies succeed and majority don't. You will need much more than a good knowledge or talent for betting. You will need mathematicians, developers, connections in sports and similar to gain an advantage not only over bookmakers, but over other betting syndicates as well. Because what is the worth of being able to recognize value on some odds if someone else takes them before you or calculates that value more precise than you do and doesn't take it at all?


Things you need to know before trying to organize a betting syndicate:

  1. Inside information – this is crucial
  2. How to compile odds – and how to recognize value in them
  3. People who are willing to invest – you can't start with 500 $
  4. People who are willing to place bets instead of you – as you shouldn't expose yourself
  5. How to run a successful company

And in that order.

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