BetDaq Review


Since the foundation BetDaq managed to become the 2nd largest betting exchange in the world, grabbing 7% of the betting exchange market. For those unfamiliar with the meaning of betting exchange, this is a company that provides services as the middle man between those who wish to bet on some outcome and against that outcome. This means that the only way BetDaq and similar companies earn money from betting is by picking small commission from winning bets. This commission varies from company to company and BetDaq is one of those who impose variable commission raging from 5% down to 2% depending on the volume you wagered. See bellow detailed BetDaq review.


BetDaq Restricted Countries, Banking and Security


Unfortunately, BetDaq is restricted for customers from most countries in the world. See the table of countries they accept players from bellow. In 20013, BetDaq was acquired by Ladbrokes and since then, BetDaq besides having it's own site, is also installed on Ladbrokes page as an addition to their sportsbook.


betdaq accepted countries review


Considering money security, BetDaq, like all other betting exchanges, is a very secure site to entrust your money to. Betting on betting exchanges simply means making bets versus other bettors and since they don't lose money when you win, they don't engage in any type of limitations, payment delays or similar.


They currently accept following payment methods:

  • Debit Cards, Visa Debit, Laser, Maestro , Mastercard Debit & Visa Electron (0% Charges)
  • VISA & MasterCard Credit Cards (1.5% Charge on all deposits)
  • Skrill / MoneyBookers / Skrill & NETeller (0% Charges)
  • Paypal 2% Charge on all deposits.


BetDaq Sports Betting Bonuses


BetDaq has an unique welcome bonus available for their new customers. After signing up to their account, you can enjoy 0% commission rate for one month using promo code: FREE30. This means that you will get 1 month of odds at 100% return to player – the best odds on planet available. To read how exactly to redeem this bonus and use it according their terms and conditions, click here.


betdaq review of welcome bonus


Besides this attractive welcome offer, enjoy 0% commission promotion on all tennis markets after your welcome bonus period expires. BetDaq often offers new promotions within limited time frame, be sure to check their latest promotions on promotions page of BetDaq.


betdaq tennis bonus offer


BetDaq Review - Exchange


As on any other betting exchange, you can't find as many sports and events offered as offered by traditional bookmakers. This is why it is recommendable to have several active accounts for betting on different bookmakers. One of those accounts should be on betting exchange because they often have unbeatable odds on major events. For BetDaq this especially stands for horse racing, major soccer and tennis.


  • BetDaq Pre-match


On pre-match BetDaq stands shoulder to shoulder with biggest betting exchange in the world with number of offered markets and quality of odds. The only thing that could be better is liquidity. It is not common to find high amounts of unmatched bets on minor markets. Click here to learn all basic terms and principles of betting exchanges (like the term unmatched).


  • BetDaq Live


Live betting is unfortunately available mostly on matches that attract more attention. But, that has a good liquidity as consequence as more money is concentrated on less matches. Live tennis and football are the most important live sports at BetDaq.


BetDaq Exchange features


The most important feature of BetDaq is their BETDAQtraders page where you can find the best tools developed for trading on betting exchanges and API information in case you want to develop your own trading tool. Nice addition to betting exchange are their other products like: Casino, Virtual Sports and Sports Pools.


BetDaq Review conclusion


BetDaq is one of the best betting exchanges available. They have solid liquidity, relatively low commissions and are simple to use. If you are from one of the few accepted countries, first month commission free is the best invitation to start using this betting exchange.




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