Best Betting Strategy Multiples


In this article we will discuss the best strategy when betting on multiple bets. We personally prefer betting on singles over betting on multiples, but we understand that there is a lot of you that prefer multiples. We will explain in further text what is the best betting strategy on multiples and give you reasons why it is like that. It all comes to mathematics, but you don't have to be a PhD In math so you can win more when betting on multiples, you just have to read this article short with understanding.


Bookmaker's margin on multiples


Let's say you have your favorite bookie that offers around 5-8% of margin on most events. This means that on average this bookmaker takes 5-8% on any single bet you make. We repeat - SINGLE bet. On multiples this margin goes up, so on example, if you bet on a multiple with 10 selections and all of them are on strong favorites, then bookmaker's advantage over your knowledge is significant in the long run. Most strong favorites have margin of 3-5% because bookmaker wants to stay competitive on this selection. They fight each other in quest for more customers competing on good odds on favorites in top competitions.


If a bookmaker has a margin of 3% on each selection in your 10-fold it means they have 3*10 margin on your 10 fold in total. That is an advantage that is very hard to compete against and that is the main reason why you are losing on this type of bets.


Betting on multiples with high number of selection


Placing bets on 20-30 selections is a lottery that you are aware of, but it is not the way you can make money from betting. Yes, you can be very good or very lucky in predicting outcomes, but their margin secures that, in the long run, you lose more money than you could ever make by placing these kind of bets all the time.


You will probably win this type of bet once a year or once in a 5 years, but not only you won't compensate what you lose betting this way, you will also probably spend this money carelessly.


What is the solution?


The solution lies in placing bets with smaller number of selections and with higher stakes. If you place a treble on favorites 1.5*1.5*1.5 you have a nice bet with odds 3.37. In this case bookmaker will have 9% of advantage which is just around the margin you would get if you place a single bet on higher odds.


In order to be profitable on this type of bet, you have to be 10% smarter than bookmaker is. It is not easy to achieve this advantage, but it is also not impossible. You can get it by placing bets on value. How to find value in sports betting? Check in our special article.