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Best betting strategy basketball is an article in a series of articles providing you the best solution to betting on different sports. Betting on basketball is specific because teams, just like in ice hockey, usually win or lose in series. During the season they go through highs and lows. In top basketball like NBA and teams competing in Euroleague there is a lot of matches during the season. Euroleague teams also play domestic - local competitions while NBA is physically the most demanding competition in the world. This means that statistics might be a good lead towards making a successful bet on basketball in the long run, but can also be misleading in the short run.


The most important thing is to collect as much knowledge as possible in some basketball league if you want to make profit constantly. It can be a major league, but there's more money to be made in minor leagues due to lack of information bookmakers have. In the text bellow we will discuss the best strategies for betting on pre-match basketball and for live betting.


Pre-match basketball betting


From a perspective of professional sports trader for betting companies I can tell you there's been a lot of cases where some bettor is able to make a long term profit in basketball by following some league constantly. Those players profit from knowing where and when bookmakers make a mistake in odds.


The top strategy to apply in order to make profit this way is to follow recent form and exploit when it differs from statistical middle bookmakers try to follow. It is good to know if some team signs good player or releases a good player. This information can be the change in +/-5 or more points for the upcoming match. This means difference in odds of 10-20%. Also, when team drops in form, they drop mentally and this can men the difference of even more than 20%. Now imagine a situation that in some minor league a team we want to bet against loses top player and gets in bad form at the same time. Then realistic odds differ so much form actual odds provided by bookmaker that if you take these kind of matches all the time, in the long run, you have the mathematical advantage over bookmakers.


There are numerous other examples and techniques you should use, but they all have betting against statistics as base. Be sure you are well informed about teams and take as little as possible speculative bets. If you are not sure of the outcome, then you bet is probably going to lose.


Live basketball betting


In live betting we take completely opposite approach. In live betting we want to bet on statistical information, not against it. This is done by researching starting over/under, moneyline or similar market. When match gets into a phase when there is more baskets than expected average, we bet on under of baskets and vice versa. Remember, here you won't win every bet, but you are guaranteed a mathematical advantage over bookmaker in the long run. This is the best way to bet on Live basketball.



Be careful that you have the complete information about the match before it even starts. You don't want to be caught in the trap of case we discussed in pre-match betting paragraph. Research your teams before you bet and if the form is ok, if all players are healthy, then there is a high chance basketball match will finish around statistically predicted odds no matter that they are in bad shooting form during 1 quarter. Basketball has been and always will be all about statistics just because there is a large number of matches played every season, a large number of attacks and points in every game. On big patterns it all comes to that imaginary line of median.




There is money to be made in basketball, but it's not easy if you are not a big basketball fan. You can stick to live basketball matches in the beginning and later, when you gain knowledge and confidence, try yourself in pre-match strategy. Have in mind that some bookmakers offer better odds in leagues of your interest than other. This means you will have much more success choosing the right bookmaker than sticking to your old local bookie. Bookmakers that offer the best odds in basketball leagues are Pinnacle, American bookmakers and some of the Asians, but there are other bookies that have the similar lines but better odds or coverage in other sports. We wish you best of luck in betting on basketball and want to encourage you to read our other articles about betting. 

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