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If you are a guy or less likely a girl that knows a decent number of people that are betting and possibly betting large amounts on daily basis, then you might consider becoming a betting agent. This means that besides your usual betting activity, you could make money playing for the other side despite the fact that you don't have previous connections with bookmakers.


Betting agent is not a new invention. It is as old as bookmaking business is, but the ones that made it a big deal were Asian bookmakers. SBObet and IBC (now Maxbet) are 2 world's biggest betting companies having in mind total market share. They have both risen to these heights thanks to a successful system of betting agents. After their enormous success, this system spread to other companies, not only in Asia, but in all parts of the world.



What is the secret of their success?


The main reason why those companies managed to capture over 50% of all money spent on sports betting is because there was a need for such companies in Asia. Betting on various sports, fights and races is grown into Asian culture and it has become a part of their tradition. It is a sport itself, a sport meant for rich and for poor.


Like in every other industry there was a lot of small businesses – local bookmakers that were taking limited amounts of money on limited territories and limited sports – events. Then, 2 smart guys (who are brothers) came up with the idea how to make a big business out of bookmaking using betting agents.


Types of agents


There are 3 types of agents in Asia. Lowest or entry level is called “Agent”. Agents practically know people that are betting, or have the ability to find such people, make them bet on some event and give them better odds than any other bookmaker will give. They collect money from clients directly and pay them out. Agents can decide whether they take bet on their own tap - if they have enough of their own cash to cover the loss, or on bookmaker's tap. They basically function like small independent bookmaker but with the possibility to take large sums of money on bookmaker.



When Agent decides to take money on bookmaker like IBC, and this will be much more often than on their own tap, Agent will receive a percentage from bookmaker upon loss of their client. This percentage varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Agents are responsible for their clients, they must know all about their clients. They must know whether their clients have the money to cover their losses, if they come from a decent family or if they are criminals and similar things. Agents are the ones who decide who will they take money from and their goal is to find the best clients – ones that lose and spend a lot.


Above Agent is “Masteragent”. They usually cover either one small country, state or region in some country. In this area they have developed a network of agents from which the collect some percentage. Masteragent decides which agents are profitable to him and which are not, the replaces them with other agents in the same area. Masteragent can also take bets on his own tap or decide to receive a percentage from bookmaking company depending on what are his agents placing bets on.


“SuperMasterAgent” is the highest level in this hierarchy. Supermaster is usually in charge of large countries or even a continent. He receives the smallest percentage, but has the biggest amount to deal with so he makes much more money than agent does.


Implementation of this pyramid system has made possible not only for bookmakers to become a super large financial institutions, but also for large amounts of money to be placed on any type of event bookmaker is willing to offer.


Agent system on other continents?


Rich people who wish to place million pounds bet on Real to win against Juventus can now do this through their agent of some Asian bookmaker in a 30 seconds call. But it is not necessary that his agent is working for Asian bookmaker as this system spread through the whole world. There are bookmakers in every continent that use this system, but most of them can not handle the amount of bet like these Asians can.


In Europe, large bookmakers have developed a network of franchises similar to McDonald's. They allow small companies to use their logo, brand and system to operate a private business – usually a betting shop in exchange for a part of their profit.


In Africa, Italy, Turkey there are Internet Caffe affiliates and “Operator” level of agents where different internet companies provide their brand, odds, system and even thermal printers and similar equipment in order to collect a part of the profit.


In North and South America, there's a similar system like used in Asian bookmakers with agents and masteragents. Internet era has brought us online affiliates system that is still developing and growing rapidly. There are various ways how can individuals and small companies make profit from other people betting. Most of them are legal and verified like livescores, odds comparing sites, white labels, tipping services, social media marketing companies and similar.


USA Exclusive Affiliate Deals


Have in Mind that following exclusive deals work ONLY if you join them using the links provided or clicking on bookmaker logo. Joining their affiliate program otherwise doesn't give you the percentage and other conditions mentioned in description. After you join one of these 2 deals, contact me through contact form in order to activate the exclusive deal.



EXCLUSIVE DEAL: 35% of profit FLAT RATE (doesn't depend on number of customers or total turnover)

NEGATIVE CARRYOVER (loss): Yes (but bad clients can be removed from your affiliate program)

ORIGINAL DEAL: 25% with negative carryover





BOOKMAKER: Intertops

EXCLUSIVE DEAL: 30% of profit FLAT RATE (doesn't depend on number of customers or total turnover)


ORIGINAL DEAL: 20% with negative carryover




How to become an agent?


The easiest way you can become a betting agent is if you contact us through our contact form bellow. During the years spent in this business, we have grown our network of contacts in the industry. The benefit of contacting us is that we have several possible solutions either you want to be a land based agent with betting shops, online advertiser with good social media skills or you only happen to know some people that are betting and want to benefit from their losses. We are confident that we can find a way to introduce you into this business no matter from which country you or your clients are and offer you any help needed to make your business grow. We can make you rich in no time.


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